Halloween Witches Bead Box

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Theme: Halloween Witches
Colors: Green, Orange & Purple
Beads: 200 Beads & 2yds of thread
Country Of Origin: United States of America
Additional Information: Comes in a plastic storage case with lid

The Beadery

Greene Plastics have been manufacturing plastic beads in RI since 1932 - Under their registered trade name The Beadery, they offer many innovative products, with the best value and design in molded plastic beads, bead craft kits and bead boxes available. Over the years, their colorists and creative department have developed various pearl effects, bright neon and glow in the dark colors, sparkling glitter colors and mottled colors unique to thermoformed plastics. They also have processes which create a matte finish on the beads. In opaque colors, the result is a rich, ceramic-like appearance, while matte transparent colors echo the magic of beach glass scoured by the sea. Yet another unique process applies contrasting color within the recesses of beads that have sculptural detail. This results in either a beautiful antiqued or a playful colorful appearance. The Beadery also have hot-stamping equipment to apply various patterns or metallic foils to give the beads and stones additional sparkle or enhanced detail.

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These packs contain small parts and are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

This pack may be a different shade to those previously bought or other beads of the same color code.

Bead Sizes Millimeters vs. Inches

Most beads are measured in the metric size of millimeters (mm) and centimeters (cm), whereas in the USA we tend to measure things in inches ("). 1" = 25mm

Note: Not to size