Gift Certificates

How they work

  • Our certificates can be purchased in multiples of $10, $25 & $50
  • There are no handling or transactions fees
  • They have no expiry date
  • They can be used for both shipping and products

To purchase them

They can be purchased just like a normal product, although there is no shipping or tax applied to them. 

You should know the email address of the recipient, as the certificate will be added to their website account for use immediately. If they do not have a website account, they will receive an email inviting them to register for one. 

You can find our certificates here:

To use them

Registered Customers
Once a customer has registered on our website, the certificate will be available during the checkout process.  Available certificates can be checked after logging into the website account, they can be found toward the bottom of the account home page under the section "Available Gift Certificates". 

Non-Registered Customers
During checkout the certificate number can be entered manually. The order value will then be deducted from the available balance - this method does not provide you with a way to see the available balance.

Any balance still due can be paid using any of the other methods.