Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover credit and debit cards, these are processed by our merchant services company wePay and will appear on your statement as WPY*BeadTin LLC.


PayPal is also accepted for those customers who prefer to use their funds or not to disclose their credit card details. After entering your details, just click the PayPal section on the secure checkout page and then the "Place Order" button. You will then be directed to login to your PayPal account to complete the payment.

Amazon Pay / Login With Amazon

This option allows you to use your Amazon login and payment information. The billing and shipping address information will be taken from your Amazon account and will overwrite anything you enter in the checkout process. Using this payment method also means we cannot make any changes to your order, like the shipping address. Please carefully select the addresses when the Amazon pop-up box appears. Note: that your Amazon account must have both first and last name for an order to be successfully placed on our website and using login/pay with Amazon will create an account using the email you use on Amazon (in case this is different from the email you created an account on our website).

PayPal Express

PayPal Express is designed for those customers who do not wish to create an account, just click the PayPal Express option in your cart and your order shipping and payment details will be populated directly from your PayPal account.

Checks & Money Orders

Customer Approval Needed - Payment by Check or Money Orders are subject to clearance before the goods are sent. Payment must be received within 7 days of your order being placed, after 7 days we will cancel your orders. Checks & Money Orders should be made payable to "BEADTIN LLC"

Payment should be sent to the address below and should include your order number.
BeadTin LLC
7281 Bryan Dairy Road
Florida. 33777

Purchase Orders

We now accept purchase orders from Schools and other Government departments. Please register an account and then contact us to ask for this payment option. Once approved you'll be able to place orders on the website and then email the official PO for it to be released for shipping.