Stripes 'n Pearls Perler Beads Tray

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The Perler Stripes 'n Pearls Bead Tray is an awesome collection of our special colors, offering striped and pearlized beads in 16 compartments. The convenient storage tray with snap-on lid keeps the colors separated. The Perler Stripes 'n Pearls Bead Tray includes a total of 4000 fuse beads: PEARL COLORS: coral, light blue, green, yellow, light pink, and silver • STRIPE COLORS: pink candy, zebra, grape, sky blue, fire, and cucumber • SOLID COLORS: white, red, light blue and black.

  • For ages 6 and up
  • Mini inspiration booklet also included

Note colors correct as per description and new image, old images are still on Perler's website and other stores.

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