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Beads and more beads..

<p>I crochet shawls, blankets and shrugs. I have learned to incorporate beads to make them more alluring and beautiful. Other than the wholesale bead place in NYC, Beadtin gives the best prices for the most gorgeous beads. I usually go through AMAZON but I am thinking i will buy direct now that I see their website</p>

betty h

<p>love this site. Have been looking for mini beads. finally found them here. You have all the colors I could possibly need.</p>

Company Saver

I have a small business and if it wasn't for this site I would have gone under by now. Nothing I could say would show the gratitude I have for them. Their beads show up on time and if there was ever a problem then I know they would fix it no issues.

Completely Impressed

<p>I'm getting ready to place another order to stock up on Christmas beads and needs. The bulk packs come clearly marked with all the info about the beads and the shipping packaging was perfect. I wish the free shipping amount was a little less - it isn't hard to add $75.00 to your cart but it can get expensive to order that much every month when you only need a couple different styles.</p>

<p>Every time I check the site there are new items listed and most of the photos can be enlarged. I wish there was a spot where customers could post their own photos of products and finished pieces.</p>

Excellent Selection of Beads

BeadTin has the best selection of acrylic beads than any other company. They are available in almost all shapes, sizes and colors that I need.

Their prices are reasonable, they give quantity discounts and they offer free shipping with a minimum of $75.00.

Almost all of the beads are manufactured in the USA, which I greatly appreciate.

Customer service is good and questions are answered quickly.

My only complaint is the naming of colors. This complaint is not specific to BeadTin alone. Almost every company that sells acrylic craft beads has different names for the colors of the beads they offer. This results in confusion and worse, I often get colors I do not need and do not get the colors that I do need. I wish there was a uniform standard in the naming of acrylic bead colors that applied to the entire industry.

Thank you, BeadTin, for providing excellent products for a reasonable price that I can depend upon..

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Reviews 1-5 of 9

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