The Beadery

Greene Plastics have been manufacturing plastic beads in RI since 1932 - Under their registered trade name The Beadery, they offer many innovative products, with the best value and design in molded plastic beads, bead craft kits and bead boxes available. Over the years, their colorists and creative department have developed various pearl effects, bright neon and glow in the dark colors, sparkling glitter colors and mottled colors unique to thermoformed plastics. They also have processes which create a matte finish on the beads. In opaque colors, the result is a rich, ceramic-like appearance, while matte transparent colors echo the magic of beach glass scoured by the sea. Yet another unique process applies contrasting color within the recesses of beads that have sculptural detail. This results in either a beautiful antiqued or a playful colorful appearance. The Beadery also have hot-stamping equipment to apply various patterns or metallic foils to give the beads and stones additional sparkle or enhanced detail.

Below you will find links to The Beadery's catalogs, which show their range of beads and other great craft products. We stock a huge selection of these products and they can be found on our website using the codes founds in the catalogs, for Beads, Pop Tabs and Ornapiks use the following structure and for Bead Boxes, Holiday Celebrations and Beaded Banners, you can just use the product code.

Beads and related components

This guide shows you every bead design that is available from The Beadery, plus their entire selection of colors. Our product codes use the same numbering system, which makes it very easy to find their beads on our website.

Beads Boxes

Bead boxes feature an assortments of craft and jewelry beads that have been had selected by The Beadery's designers to perfectly match each other and putting them all in one convenient box.

Holiday Celebrations™

Make your own seasonal decorations using the Holiday Celebration™ craft kits. Each kit contains everything you will need to make your ornaments, including high quality beads, Ornapiks™, findings, wire, chenille and fully illustrated, easy to follow instructions.

Beaded Banners™

Decorate your home with a Beaded Banner Kits™. You can find one for almost any occasion in the current line. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, there will have a design for you. Each Beaded Banner Kit™ is easy to put together using our peyote stitch designs and contain everything you need from start to finish. Included is everything from the metal rod and hanging cord to our high quality Pony Beads plus the thread and needle so you don't need to find anything extra.

Pop Tabs™

Get in on the fun by making all kinds of wearables with colorful, non breakable Pop Tabs™ from The Beadery® Craft Products. Our high quality pop tabs are the best available anywhere! They bend without breaking, string easily and do not have sharp edges like metal tabs.


Decorating with Ornapiks™ is as easy as pushing a button. All you have to do is place it where you want it on a foam base and push it in. You can use Ornapiks™ by themselves, or you can place any large hole bead, button or other decoration on before you press it into the base. They are strong enough to stick through other materials, such as foam sheets, artificial flowers, doilies, fabric, yarn, paper, cardboard, etc. before attaching to the base.