Coupon codes

We rarely have general discount codes as we strive to ensure our everyday prices and shipping concessions are competitive - which means we don't make our customers wait until we want them to buy, we allow them to buy at great prices all the time.
Occasionally we may offer a discount for a short period of time for very special occasions, to make sure you get these ensure you are signed up for our newsletter (we promise not to bombard you with emails).

Got a coupon code somewhere else?

We sometimes provide coupon codes to specific influencers, you-tubers or crafters focusing on our products. We don't provide coupons for third party coupon, promo code or discount websites, if you got a coupon code from one of these websites it's probably fake and will not work. 

Creator / Reseller Discounts

We also offer creator/reseller pricing to regular customers who purchase to either resell or create products for resell using our beads. The discount will be valid for a full calendar quarter and is based on your previous quarter's spend. To qualify for this new scheme you must meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum $500 net* product spend in the previous quarter
  • Minimum of 2 order in the previous quarter
  • Have a sales tax certificate for your state or a website, eBay or Etsy store promoting the products

To apply for this discount scheme you will need to send a copy of your certificate/website address to, we will then check you meet all the requirements and confirm your acceptance via email.

*Net spend does not include shipping, wholesale cases and is based on the discounted price.

Wholesale Pricing

Most of the beads we sell from The Beadery are available in Wholesale Cases. These cases are packed in varying quantities depending on the bead's style (color, shape & size), and arrive loose in one box without any bags or labels you see on our retail packs. We do not hold stock on any cases, so everything is ordered back to back, which means it could take up to 8 weeks, or longer on less popular styles, for delivery. The selection on the website only shows items we have ordered for customers so far, please contact to add the style you need and check availability. Click here for our wholesale cases items


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