SALES TAX - Florida

Any order being delivered to an address within the state of Florida is subject to Sales Tax at a rate of 7% of the total price. All transactions are automatically charged tax based on the shipping address.

Accounts can be marked as tax exemption if you can provide us with one of the following:

  • Florida Tax Exemption Certificate for your organization
  • Florida Resale Certificate for goods being purchased in accordance of the resale rules

Please register your account and then send us a copy of the relevant paperwork from the email address you signed up with, our email address is Once this has been verified we will notify you that your account has now been changed.

We are unable to provide tax refunds for transactions completed before you get notification, but this will only take a few hours to complete.


SALES TAX - Other States

We do not collect any taxes for any other states, below are the relevant warnings:

Colorado adopted a Use Tax in 1937, which requires individuals and businesses to pay use tax on tangible personal property purchased from out-of-state vendors if the item is used, stored, or consumed in Colorado. Consumer use tax must be paid by individuals and businesses for tangible personal property used in Colorado for personal or business purposes (not to be resold) when tax was not paid at the time of purchase. If you have purchased an item without paying sales tax or received an Annual Purchase Summary from an online retailer visit Information for Consumers for more information.

Oklahoma Use Tax may be due in connection with this sale. Oklahoma tax is NOT being collected with this purchase by this retailer. You may be required to remit the use tax directly to the Oklahoma Tax Commission for this purchase. Additional information about how to remit use tax to the Oklahoma Tax Commission can be found in the FAQs on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website or by calling Taxpayer Assistance at (405) 521–3160