Baby Blue Opaque Marine Life Pony Beads (2oz)

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Our baby blue, in a shiny opaque finish, marine life shaped plastic pony beads in a mixture of Dolphins, Seals, Whales and Sea Turtles. These pony beads measure between 23mm and 25mm, all have a 4mm hole which runs horizontally through the middle of the bead. These plastic pony beads are made in the USA with high-quality, non-toxic polystyrene plastic and sold in packs of 2oz approx. 30 beads. Pony beads are ideal for a wide variety of projects like; necklaces, bracelets, kandi, marine life and summer designs and dream catchers. The larger hole is easier to thread so makes them perfect for children's parties, activity camps and VBS.

  • SHAPE: 23-25mm Marine Life with a 4mm hole
  • STYLE: Baby blue in an opaque finish
  • MATERIAL: Non-toxic polystyrene plastic - made in the USA
  • QUANTITY: 2oz - Approx. 30 beads per pack
  • NOTE: Random mixture of shapes per pack, you may receive an unequal amount of shapes, or not receive some shapes at all

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