Glow Mix 11mm Skull Pony Beads (150pcs)

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Our multi-colored mix, in a semi glow finish, skull shaped plastic pony beads, measure 10.5mm high by 9mm high and have a 4mm hole which runs vertically down the middle of the bead. These plastic pony beads are made in the USA with high-quality, non-toxic polystyrene plastic and sold in packs of approx. 150 beads. Pony beads are ideal for a wide variety of projects like; necklaces, bracelets, kandi, Halloween designs and dream catchers as well as decorating pacifier clips, jazzing up backpacks and many other craft ideas. The larger hole is easier to thread so makes them perfect for children's parties, activity camps and VBS.

  • SHAPE: 10.5x9mm skull with a 4mm hole
  • STYLE: Multi-colored mix in a glow finish
  • MATERIAL: Non-toxic polystyrene plastic - made in the USA
  • QUANTITY: Approx. 150 beads per pack
  • NOTE: Semi glow due to the colored dyes
  • NOTE: Random mix of colors per pack, you may receive an unequal amount of colors

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