Our main pony and craft beads are ordered directly from the factory at the beginning of every month, with an additional order mid-month for anything else needed. The orders are based on stock we would need in the next 3 months but depending on the availability of the item, they could ship to us either that month or any time afterwards.

We receive stock at the beginning of every month and then repack them for our website during the month, which is done based on their popularity with a focus on out of stock items first. Everything that is out of stock on the website will be on an order with one of our supplier, but until they ship and we receive a notification, we do not know what is actually coming and when it would be restocked.

The website has the ability to send email notifications once a product is back in stock and we strongly urge you to use this, as it also tells us what products we need to focus on when the stock arrives. On the products page, which is accessed by clicking the image or title from a search or category page, there is an “Out Of Stock!” box just below the pricing where you can enter your email address, if you are already logged in, your email address will already be populated.


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